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About Me | Antonio Di Rocco

About Me

Wedding photographer: I can’t imagine a better job. Why is that? Because I find it priceless to be there to witness your joy on such a special day and be able to document it!

I fell in love with the camera as I held it for the first time. I was immediately charmed by its unique power of capturing a moment and preserving it in time. For me, “it is the world’s greatest invention”, and when I realised I could use that invention to get a smile or tears of joy out of lovers, I fell in love once again.

I used to say that being a “wedding photographer” is a mission to me. Every wedding has its own story, its own charm, and needs to be lived in its uniqueness. I put my all experience and professionalism in each wedding and engagement session, in order to narrate with creativity and discretion the key moments of your wedding and capture them in all their beauty.

My style is the reportage wedding photography. I don’t like artificial, unnatural poses: I try to capture spontaneous blushes, caresses, gazes – the tiny moments that “makes” history.

After all, pictures are about instincts, and instincts preserve memories better than our minds. I want to be sure that my shots will preserve the emotions of your special day untouched.

I was born and currently live in Apulia, but I love travelling to all the incredible locations my job brings me to, in Italy – Tuscany, Abruzzo, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Como Lake – as well as abroad. This website contains a small part of me and of my world. You can have a look at my latest assignments in the sections Reportage Wedding and Engagement. In case you need more information about my photography services and wedding coverage details, here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you wish me to be there on your wedding day, please get in touch for a tailored estimate. I would be delighted to share the excitement of such a day with you!

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Some of my latest shots

Happy brides

Antonio is a unique photographer. Through its shots you can really experience the colours and atmosphere of Apulia. His skills and professionalism are undeniable. Pure reportage photography…indelible photos for re-experiencing your eternal dream!
Cinzia Iannantuoni

The wedding photographer par excellence! Highly skilled work, great professionalism and talent! I will definitely choose him again…every time I look at his work I re-experience the emotions and feelings of the most beautiful day of my life!
Federica Palmisano