Engagement Session

The engagement session is a shooting preceding the wedding; it has your proposal as its main protagonist. The aim is to narrate a blossoming love story through those days when you are not a couple yet, catching the tenderness and the spontaneity of every moment.

The engagement session is typical of the U.S., but it has been spreading all around our country for a while. Its main features are cheerfulness, carefreeness, and informality (also in the clothes you wear). It’s a nice way to retrace together the important places that nourished and increased your love, to look at them in a new way, and to narrate the story again through the images eternalizing the best moments of your relationship to re-experience them again and again each time you want to.

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Also, the engagement session is a great way to break the ice with your wedding photographer. It often happens that shy couple are uneasy during a professional shooting. Thus, this will be the occasion to test yourselves, to relax, to get accustomed to the camera, and of course to get closer to your wedding photographer.

The engagement shooting means a lot to me because it helps me to understand better what you like and what your wishes are. Besides that, it’s amusing to shoot with no worries and no rush, without the usual excitement that typifies the wedding day.

What you’ll get is an unconventional shooting made with the techniques of the reportage to narrate in an unique and emotional way your blossomed love ready to be sealed.

Since precious moments deserve a special care, I will deliver your pictures in a basic but very elegant wooden packaging. It’s a way to celebrate the union and harmony of two bodies and two souls, turning the strong bond in images that will last forever.

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