Federica and GianniFeudo della Selva

A beautiful summer day, the warm sun caressing the roofs, the thrill that gives chills and tears: it may seem all already seen, but every love story is unique and unrepeatable. The protagonists and the environments change, love is unpredictable and does not allow replicas.

Federica and Gianni have crowned their dream of love in Torremaggiore (FG) surrounded by their dearest affections (and a cute little dog!). Elegant and exciting, they have pronounced the “yes” that will keep them together forever melting all the tension of the eve in a liberating kiss.

After the ritual greetings, the reception at Feudo della Selva, in Foggia, a sober and romantic venue like these two guys, who have never stopped looking for each other and show their complicity. The cut of the cake and a toast and here they are on the track, ready to inaugurate the first day of their life together, a show that is always new, always different and exciting.