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Loredana and Vincenzo | Fotografo di Matrimonio Antono Di Rocco

Loredana and VincenzoTorre Giulia

In small gestures are the greatest emotions. A glance, the way a hand rests on a face, a smile: sometimes poetry breaks into our life in “minimal” forms, but leaves a mark that is hardly forgotten.

Vincenzo’s tears, during the ceremony that would soon tie him to his Loredana forever, are one of these small, great signs. Or his kiss on her forehead and the look of the couple, after the “yes”, kidnapped by the flight of soap bubbles. Or even their hugging going to meet the sun of Puglia, which, shining on Torre Giulia, in Cerignola, framed a perfect day.

Little things, I said. Like the warmth of friends and relatives, dances, jokes: sincere moments to witness is a rare privilege. Thanks to Vincenzo and Loredana for making me move to the tears, once again.